Minecraft Review

Ways to Play

Minecraft is a block game and almost all the blocks in the game are square. Minecraft can be multiplayer and single player. There are two different types of Minecraft, java and bedrock. Java can be played on a pc (personal computer). Bedrock can be played on a Nintendo Switch (lite and regular) PS (play stations) and Xbox.

Mob Control

minecraft update

Minecraft can be played in Peaceful (no harmful mobs). Antoher way you can play is Easy (less harmful mobs). You can also play in Normal which is a regular amount of harmful mobs (my personal favorite).

(image credits: xisumavoid, youtube)

The last way you can play in is Hard which is when there is a big amount of harmful mobs. There is one more world type you can play on, Hardcore which is simmilar to Hard but when you die on your hardcore world you can't respawn back into your world as a player, but you can spectate it. Although you can only play it on java.

Minecraft's new update

Minecraft 1.17 is the title of the new update. It contains a lot of cool things and new mobs.

Items and Blocks

  1. Copper blocks (which are mined)

  2. Axolotls (a type of amphibians)

  3. Amythest Blocks

  4. Cave Vines

  5. Azalea Blocks and Leaves

  6. Dripleaf (you can stand on them for 1.5 seconds)

  7. Dripstone bock in the new caves

  8. Glow Item Frame

  9. Glow Lichen

  10. Hanging Roots

  11. Candles (you can color them with dye and you can stack them by placing multiple in the same spot.)

  12. Moss Blocks and Carpet

  13. Powered Snow (if you walk on it you will sink and freeze) (can be collected with a bucket)

  14. Root Block (dirt with roots in its texture)

  15. Spore Blossom (only able to be placed on the underside of a block)

Mobs and Biomes

1. Goats
2. Glow Squid
3. Lofty Peaks
4. Snow Capped Peaks
5. Snowy Slopes
6. Mountian Grove
7. Mountian Meadow